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Happy Thanksgiving

This better mean a big raise for Meggie

Glad to have you back, Senator McCain

Myles walking

Where is Grandma Ambrose today?

What I'm reading, if you care

Martin Mull at Spike Gallery in New York

I love Chris Matthews

This isn't me

Kids and Cash: What we spend (or don't) on children says a lot about American priorites

Update from Grandma Ambrose, from Penang!!!

"There is Nothing Wrong in this Whole World"

Oh no!

I used to like Howie Long

Grandma is in Singapore today

Oh, is that what it's for?

"I just hope he has a DelHomme type of season" I said 10 weeks ago.

A time to die

John Allen writes about the practical workings of the Vatican


An Afternoon at the Carnegie International

Myles at the Carnegie International

Married Catholic Priest assaults wife

CS Monitor story on child soldiers in Africa

What Megan's doing right now


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Story about St. Marys nuns and their ceramics

Me first, no me.

Where in the World is my Grandma Ambrose

Funny Myles Story

Howie Freakin Day

Where do y'all worship?