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Holiday hiatus

CNN's caption on this photo is hysterical

It's official--AFC North Champions!!!

Happiness is......

Great Christmas gift idea I saw over on Corbn's blog

Catching up with Grandma

Gratuitous Nuns at play picture

Reason #5,235 to love the Pope

Penn Avenue Unblurred

Strange Bill Cowher anti-tribute site

Love this CD I have been waiting years for

At least one of my professors was here at Ft. Benning

Throwing Corbin a Bone, or at least an Alka-Selzer

Potential Pittsburgh Pirates Promotions

German study concludes Computers may not enhance Learning

What those in the Pentagon think is a must-read

It's December 8th

Happy Birthday, Willa Cather

My current Great-Angst

Myles shows his understanding of Kanban

techinical difficulties with some of the pictures

Another day, another famous birthday

This is the port in the Seychelles

Grandma Ambrose in the Seychelles

What a squeaker!!

I am sooo excited I got to see Sideways

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Jakob!!

Finally got to see a movie

Where is Grandma Ambrose

Myles and the golf club

Fun with wedding scriptures

One of the last great mysteries of the 20th century

Oscar talk already

Myles makes people happy

Some of that promised Peter Berger

Word of the Year

This is what passes for classic children's literature in Germany.

Updates from Grandma Ambrose, World Explorer

You are such a rebel, Ben Roethlisberger

Biggest Loser, Reject among Rejects

Not quite "Da Turdy Point Buck"

Church and State, European style

What gave us all of Modern Art

I'm back, Baby!