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Reading Lolita in Tehran to be made into a movie

You have to see this over at Corbin's

Earworm of the Day

I got an email from Rick Sebak today!!!!!!

It's a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola

I cannot worship a God who is a sociopath!

Random musings while at Barnes and Noble today

I LOVE the Daily Show

When are the Peanuts controversial?

Whenever it is cold I sometimes think of this quote from Henry Miller

How can you not love this guy?

At the Kumar house this week

Calmer now

Something funny for you Texans

Good news for Eagles Fans

Nun humor from Corbin

Win or Go Home

Out of here for a few days


Updated link on the Mississippi Burning Case

Why am I wasting my time with a Master's in Theology (if I ever get back)?

Sightings (or in this case hearings)

Cold nuff fer ya?

Blogging feeding frenzy

Children's Book Awards from the ALA

Almost too cute, but kinda nice little ditty about SPAM and Grace

Refreshing press conference from Big Ben

Fox network looks to develop fewer reality shows

Cardinal Keeler spoke to the National Press Club last week

This is the funniest show I've watched lately

Another article on the Steelers, more inaccuracies

We are fixin' to move to Winona, Mississippi this spring

Total Heart Attack!!!

Some additions to the side bar

File this under, You said it

Rethinking the word Jihad

8th Grade Girls told Stripping is great career option

Great Article my sister Kate forwarded from the NY TImes

I wonder how much of this is because they were originally slated to be marketed as a Christian Band

I stole this exercise from Neha at Wanderlust

This will likely get tons of coverage on Saturday

Big Ben Beef Jerky

Is this considered some form of Stockholm Syndrome?

On the radio I heard a violin concerto I had never heard before

I do miss Mississippi on days like today

New Huston Smith book due out in May

Some real gems from Wonkette the past coupla days

More reports of green lasers in cockpits.

Neat post over at Corbin's

Hello, My Name Is.....

20 Times and I stopped counting

I love the picture I imagine when I read this.

Who wants to roadtrip to Newtown?

The Turnpike Bowl?

The Mississippi Burning Case

Earworm of the day

Do you Speak American

Look where this Old Navy store is near

Myles' current favorite book

For he's a jolly good rookie

From Todd Rundgren to War Zones

Maybe next semester James Madison will have a Physics from Bloom County

For those of you who thought Mississippi culture begins and ends with Faulkner

Rock on!!!!!

Cooper Manning Fan Club

Can't get a stupid John Mayer song out of my head

So let it be written

I guess this was the year to get married

One more tangent from Susan's wedding


Final dispatch from Grandma Ambrose

I'm not the only weirdo amused by Nuns at Play

More on the Brothers Grimm from our European correspondent

Tsunami relief funds

I'm back baby!