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Eat your heart out!


Lolita turns 50

Myles uses an F-word

The problem with the Bible is......

Okay, THIS is the real reason the President is pushing for Roberts to be CJ

Pittsburgh through the eyes of a writer

Of wenches and wytches

And so it begins

Belichek is crazy

Now this will cheer me up

Ambroses as YuGiOh cards

Sack Cloth and ashes--updated!

Center for Creative Play

Reason #4,534 I am jealous of my sister Megan

I did not know that

Yeah, What He Said


I am NOT alone

By the way


Why the Chinese internet surveillance is really nothing to joke about

Slide slide slippity slide

Elizabethtown, the Movie, news round-up from E-town


Maybe it is just a big misunderstanding

Penguins training camp

Cherd Dreams

Seminoles for Life

I think I know what it is

One thing I miss about being a 20-year-old undergrad

Straight-up E-town

Sidebar notes

The more experienced parent responds

The good news about the whole Britney Spears having a baby thing

More Frenzy over Elizabethtown: the Movie

Bruce Lee

Good news and bad news in NHL Hockey this week

So if this is Myles' Great Litany of Really Useful Engines

Have you heard of these?

Old news in Art posts, but funny if you haven't heard this one

Early signs your child is smarter than you

If someone can please explain the McCain-haters in the Republican party for me?

You didn't think I was not going to talk about the Steeler game, did you

Building in my neighborhood

Follow-up on Kublai Khan

No...not the cry room

Is there anyone out there that knows something about this? Bleg

Book your vacation package NOW before it is too late

September 11th post--not really

Chinese News Round-up


More observations from China

Sounds like something out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel

Yup, that's my sister

Yup, it's lonely...

And if I had written this post

Pulled from the Comments of an Open book post that would be a joke only some of my friends would get

No one blogs on a Saturday night

More Elizabethtown Anticipation

WYD-12 years after, and another WYD

And in fake Christian news from China

Pulled from an Open Book thread on the Church in China