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What??? Lent already?

La la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa

Steelers....still winning

What I have been reading while I have been waiting

Word from Rome

Another mommy-kids-art post

Back down to Mississippi

Cardinal Zen's Coat-of-Arms

Cardinal Zen, the "Deviant Bishop" talks to the press

Well that didn't take long

We HEART Nuns who HEART the Steelers

New Blog idea

Cardinal Zen!

Light blogging

Tomorrow is library day

He's got that ambition, baby.....

The last straw

How NASCAR changed the Winter Olympics

In my next life I want to be a man

An afternoon, with child, at the Warhol

Where Randy is

Speaking of Cardinals and fun......

And Cardinals can have fun, too!

And in Chinese news you won't hear in the US

It's Movie Time today, It's Movie Time today

Hello hello

Steelers win again!

And if you like nuns having fun as much as I do

My four things


Maybe I can like St. Valentine's Day

Days of Wine and Chocolate

Snow at last again

Meta-threads updated

New (to me) favorite thing

Here's the mail. It makes me wail. It makes me want to wag my tail

Why I don't do Valentine's Day

Cardinal Zen?

Defining the Pittsburgh Experience

Re-watching the Super Bowl

Wasn't me

Welcome I Heart Pittsburgh Readers!

'til next week

In which I drag my sister Megs to an opening at the Warhol

Missed Connections

Family Bed Blues

Muslim protest scheduled in Hong Kong

It isn't just me

But I don't want to share!

Victory Parade pictures

Super Bowl around the world


Chinese New Year is just like the SuperBowl

The Carnegie gets Myles' vote!

Party pictures

Oh, how we Pittsburgh Catholics love our Steelers

Not a dry eye in the house....

The organizers of the party in Shekou

School delays

Randy and his friend Dale watching the Super Bowl


My final live report from our Super Bowl party experience