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It's easy to believe in God

We have our tickets!

It's happening!

Hey Hockey fans

Myles' journal

Untitled (reclining figure)

Gratuitous clever child post

If you are watching the Penguins-Panthers game tomorrow night

Too lazy to make a real post on this

Least favorite of Myles' expressions


LC, this link is for you

"Don't you know who I am?"


Cardinal Zen on Vatican Radio

First of many posts to come on Fierce Friends


Some CARDINAL ZEN related stuff.

Look!!! Randy was reading Ambrose-a-Rama

Metaphor warning!

Blog maintainance

On and Off

There's no place like Rome

almost-Cardinal Zen addresses the press from Rome

She rocks!

Library and Museum Day!

I ain't sayin' she's a Gold-Digger

Can I add to the list?

super light blogging prediction

Now I. making the Jesus and Harry Potter connection

How not to look like a tourist in China?

Big cultural difference

I stuck with it


Happy St. Patrick's Day

"Always witty and sharp"

Going to get Myles!

Bishop Zen's official response to Mr. Liu

Templeton prize-winner announced

So much out of China!

On Beauty

It's Tuesday

Should I be suspicious?

Finished Viper's Tangle last week, btw

Home again, home again Jiggity Jog

Not a good time to be reminded how much I miss Randy

When Amy Welborn speaks



Retreat! Retreat!

Good advertisement for vocations

What's in a name deux

I think I picked the right hospital

Now this would be cool

About Face!

Other blogs better than mine

Brokeback China

Kate found it

I love being magic

And the Oscar goes to...

Excitement building in Hong Kong for Bishop Zen


Baby fever

Good news?


Some Chinese Christian news

Ash Wednesday links