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Happy New Year

Steelers football

I got nuthin'

Betye Saar on NPR!

Internet connections to the PRC

A word about the Christmas cards some of you are receiving

No shepherds or sheep

Everyone's best friend

Twas the Night Before Christmas


Over-seen in Pittsburgh

New York Times series on Shenzhen

I feel like Little Bo Peep

Penguins, still in Pittsburgh

The Dark Side of Christmas

What do you know about that, Bert?

Kids these days


St. Rocky?

So, so happy

And further

Feeling Blue

I support you Joey

Macau's new role in Sino-Vatican relations?

Well, it worked for Roxie Hart

The Polamalu Effect

Look who is in China again

Free is free

Movies in China

In the Ukraine?

Tourism in Shenzhen

It's after three AM

What? No Cafeteria Catholic jokes?

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Happy to be back?

Culture exported

Home again home again

Shutting down

Prices and value

Here comes Santa Clauses

Men are funny

They're everywhere

Still here

Far East Fantasies

I heart China

First Sunday of Advent

Getting around

I have a feeling we aren't in China anymore, Toto

Insomnia + chocolate=