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New church in Shenzhen

Tagged! I'm it!



Thanks. Rub it in.

Here goes

Here come the brides

"Study retreat"

If you can read this sign I must be talking to you

Remembering Bishop Fu in the Chinese press

Remembering Bishop Fu

Sunday's breakfast

Friends and family

More on Bishop Fu of Beijing

Bishop Fu, RIP

Through tears still something to smile about

Prelude to an adventure

Lianhuashan Gong Yuan (Lianhuashan Park)

Soy-Banana Bread

Small victory

Still here

Fun for ALL ages

Chinese Catholics in the Hong Kong press

Easter in China

Well I wouldn't call the Crucifixion happy or cute

Easter improvised

Good Friday in China

I'm confused

From today's SCMP regarding THAT Letter

Holy Thursday in China

The altar is bare

Today's new word

Another benefit of large families

What's in a[n English] name?

Bundle up!


Gratuitous art post