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To continue with the Domestics theme this week

Incredibly good

Thank you, Myron Cope

I would like to thank the Academy

Everyone wants to experiment with poverty

Freezing cold weather

Hong Kong Birthrate

Uncomfortable silence


You know

China smokes

Dong Bei Ren


I just got my new Faith & Family!!!!

Latern Festival

Mommy art post

Ask me again if it is hard to stay vegetarian in China



Why I wish we would have moved to a Chinese neighborhood earlier

Getting in on the action

This week's new words

Chinese Garden


Spring festival continues

Shengri Kuai Le, Pinyin

First Sunday of Lent

(Fen) Hong Bao

Fu Dao Le

Catholic Chun Jie

Chun Jie Eve Eve

Today's new words

Super Bowl watching in China

Today's new words

A family divided

How to scandalize American expats in China

Divine Mercy


Paying the bills